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It’s the inheritance of love from The Malaysia Forest City Project to The Cheng En Children’s home

SOUCE:admin  HITS:  POSTTIME:2017-10-12 11:30:00

         (Correspondent: ShangXu Wang) The Party branch of The Malaysia Country Garden Forest City Project went to the “Cheng En children’s home” with the project management staff in Oct 4, and they sent the National Day and Mid-Autumn festival blessing “Wish you grow up healthily and happily” to the orphanage children.

    It’s the children’s basic necessities of life and education that the project management staff most concern about, and they contribute a lot of goods to the children, such as dining-table, toiletries, edible oil, canned pork, cereals and other living materials. “I hope that our arrival will bring joy and hope to the children, so that they can enjoy the happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.” The Project Manager WenFeng Dai said.

         It is reported that the Party branch of the Country Garden Forest Project regularly organize charity activities,.They usually visit orphans and disables children homes, nursing home and other vulnerable groups and give support and help. CHINA CONSTRUCTION THIRD ENGINEERING GROUP (M) SDN BHD will continue to organize charities to promote the development of overseas charity.